recipe: grilled mahi mahi with tamari and orange sauce with side of black bean salsa

grilled mahi mahi with black bean salsai had some mahi mahi in the fridge so i went online to look for a recipe. this came from an unexpected source – an appliance company with an extensive recipe library. the ingredients fit within my little one’s allergy restrictions as well as matched our flavor palette. Continue reading “recipe: grilled mahi mahi with tamari and orange sauce with side of black bean salsa”

recipe: pressure cooker roast pork with vegetables

pressure cooker roast pork with vegetablesi had some pot roast frozen so i took it out to defrost and then went online to find a recipe. the one that caught my eye had the intro: “… quick and unbelievably delicious …” and when i looked at the ingredients list, i had everything in my kitchen!

it was quick and delicious — one to add to the “TO COOK OFTEN” list. enjoy!

cooking tools

  • pressure cooker

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recipe: cauliflower and citrus salad

for a refreshing summer meal, this salad is the perfect blend of sweet and savory. the original recipe had a spicy vinaigrette with red pepper, anchovies and capers so I simplified it for the little one but it is just as delicious! it is even better after the vegetables have been refrigerated. this recipe is one i’ll definitely make again and again.

cooking tools

  • 1 pressure cooker

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recipe: tomato, corn, crab and avocado salad

tomato, corn, crab and avocado saladsince i had some extra crab from the avocado crab salsa, i looked for another recipe to try and found this one online. it looked so good that i had to try it!

i wanted to share it with k so instead of using hot peppers, i used sweet bell peppers. i do look forward to trying the spicy version as well!

it’s march and still freezing cold but this dish transforms you to a different state of mind – it’s the perfect dish to feel like it’s summer! inside of having it with toast, i topped it on cucumber slices. yum! Continue reading “recipe: tomato, corn, crab and avocado salad”

recipe: yang zhou fried rice

yang zhou fried ricewhen i was prepping a little cooking project for k’s country study, i did some research about the history of fried rice. eggs are a big part of the recipe. the measure of “wealth” could be determined in the amount of eggs in the fried rice dish as the color yellow is symbolic of gold. k is allergic to eggs so i did not add it in her class project but i thought it would be fun to try the recipe with eggs as well!

there are also variety on how egg is included in the rice. one way is by cooking the egg first and then adding it to the rice along with all of the other fried rice ingredients. but recently i watched a Taiwanese drama and one scene has a chef making fried rice by pouring the beaten egg into the rice after all the other ingredients were already mixed together. therefore you cook the egg with the fried rice – not before.

cooking the egg into the rice mixture gives it an extra egg flavor.

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recipe: Thomas Keller’s simple roast chicken

i wanted to find a roast chicken recipe that works with k’s food allergies but is also safe to share with k’s classmates at daycare. not only did i find a crazy simple recipe, it is by Thomas Keller – owner of Per Se, where i had the ultimate dining experience a few years ago. that means this recipe is a guaranteed delicious main course!

cooking tools

  • roasting pan
  • roasting rack
  • twine


  • one 2- to 3-pound farm-raised free range chicken
  • coarse salt
  • freshly ground black pepper (optional)

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arugula salad with seared shrimp and red bell pepper vinaigrette

still working on my bag of arugula had me searching for fun salad recipes and i am so glad i found this one. the dressing is so good – the roasted red bell pepper with garlic and vinegar is such a great flavor combo and add the arugula and shrimp – LOVE it!

arugula salad w seared shrimp and red pepper vinaigrette

i didn’t top the salad off with the two cheeses because the dressing had so much flavor – i didn’t think it was necessary. don’t miss it!

5 years later, this salad still one of my favorites. now with a little one who has a lot of food allergies, i substituted chives instead of garlic and added butter instead of olive oil. delish! one of my favorite dishes EVAR!
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red hot & spicy grand sichuan

so my addiction of the month is a restaurant some friends picked to get together for some good chinese food to celebrate the lunar new year. for all you spicy nuts, you know about sichuan flavor – and you know a place takes its spice seriously when there’s a placard on the table titled: “The 15 Hot Main Courses.” oh baby, are you in for a treat! one of sichuan province’s most famous dishes is the fish in spicy broth – some locations call it “chong qing spicy fish fillet” or other locations just “sliced fish soup” but basically it is … Continue reading red hot & spicy grand sichuan

grilled salmon over orange and spinach salad

m & i went to the berkshires years ago. our favorite dining place was the red lion inn – so much so that we ate there a couple of times! we liked it so much that we even bought the cookbook! one of the yummiest things m made from the cookbook is this grilled salmon over orange and spinach salad – it is ridiculously good. the salty teriyaki sauce with the orange juice is just the perfect dressing for this spinach, orange, onion, scallion and salmon perfection. if you didn’t think you could be a salad person, trust me – … Continue reading grilled salmon over orange and spinach salad