recipe: german puff pancake with fresh berries

little one seems to have lost an interest in pancakes lately so when i saw this recipe for lemon puff pancakes, i was intrigued so i tried it. Continue reading “recipe: german puff pancake with fresh berries”


recipe: grilled shrimp stuffed mushrooms

sometimes it helps to have some kind criteria to decide what to make for dinner. so if we have guests, i try to think what that person would like to eat. on deck tonight is mushroom and shrimp. Continue reading “recipe: grilled shrimp stuffed mushrooms”

recipe: roasted potatoes with lemon and chives

i had these amazing lemon and garlic potatoes at a Greek restaurant a few years ago and i have not been able to forget them! normally i’m not a big fan of overly buttered and oily food but the lemon and garlic potatoes were spectacular. Continue reading “recipe: roasted potatoes with lemon and chives”

recipe: creamy and creamless stroganoff

creamy and creamless stroganoffi love beef stroganoff but i’m not a fan of sour cream. this pressure cooker recipe is perfect since you cook everything first and then add the sour cream afterwards so you can have it with or without! another option for those who are not a fan of sour cream but want a creamy version, use greek yogurt! Continue reading “recipe: creamy and creamless stroganoff”