red hot & spicy grand sichuan

so my addiction of the month is a restaurant some friends picked to get together for some good chinese food to celebrate the lunar new year.

for all you spicy nuts, you know about sichuan flavor – and you know a place takes its spice seriously when there’s a placard on the table titled: “The 15 Hot Main Courses.” oh baby, are you in for a treat!

one of sichuan province’s most famous dishes is the fish in spicy broth – some locations call it “chong qing spicy fish fillet” or other locations just “sliced fish soup” but basically it is huge bowl with some fish fillets submerged in a sea of spicy broth. there is no way you can finish all the broth — but don’t throw it away! take it home and add more fish (i added tilapia) and have a second (or third) meal. it is awesome!

the other favorite dish i had was the GuiZhou spicy chicken. it has a wonderful flavor and a crunchy exterior. YUM! with all the meat, have a dish of yummy greens — try the sauteed pea shoots.

i was so blown away by the flavors that i went to grand sichuan twice in two weeks. it was just as good.if you like authentic chinese food and awesome spices, check out this restaurant! you’ll have an awesome meal!

eat at Grand Sichuan in various locations in ny – find locations online at and

* check out my attempt to make a Gui Zhou Chicken inspired dish: sichuan dry-fried chicken


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