restaurant: Taiwan Bear House 台灣便當

when i have a hankering for Taiwanese food i think back to the delicious meals from Taiwan – not the fancy restaurants though. instead, i crave the simple meals of rice, seasoned eggs and meat or veggies. now, i can have them whenever i crave! Continue reading “restaurant: Taiwan Bear House 台灣便當”

flex for the mussels, extend for the donuts

for my friend’s birthday, she chose flex mussels to celebrate. we started with the day’s specialty with fried oysters and pork belly. yum! then we chose the main meal: mussels! there were over 20 broths to choose from and a difficult choice it was! after much deliberation we each chose one: – funghi with wild mushrooms, double smoked bacon, garlic and cream – the mexican with chipotle adobo, chorizo and calimari – san danielle with prosciutto, caramelized onion, white wine, garlic – bruschetta with san marzano tomatoes, lobster, marinated tomato and crutons i loved the bruschetta mussels the most. the … Continue reading flex for the mussels, extend for the donuts

the ultimate dining experience at per se

if you ever wanted to splurge on a dining experience to celebrate a special occasion, Per Se is the place to go. from great food to pampering service to excellent view, it’s all thumbs up. meaning “in and of itself”, Per Se is a restaurant owned by chef Thomas Keller. located on the fourth floor of the Time Warner Center, Per Se has a beautiful garden outside of the entrance to restaurant where you can sit and wait for the rest of your party. as you enter the restaurant, you see the blue French doors which is modeled after Thomas Keller’s … Continue reading the ultimate dining experience at per se