carton king creativity park, restaurant and honey museum

in central taiwan, a park was opened three years ago to rejuvenate a declining paper packaging company and to remind us of the value of paper … not only to its beauty, but also to its uses and reuses.

the park consists of three sections: a theme park, a restaurant and a museum.

the 5,200 square-meter theme park has about 500 structures including the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Eiffel Tower and Dutch windmills.

the restaurant is furnished with paper chairs and tables. it also uses paper furnishings, including paper utensils! how cool is that?

the honey museum shows the busy lives of bees.

carton king creativity park has about a third of its team designing and developing new products. a mixture of seasoned designers and new graduates, they come up with 40-50 new designs for customers each year.

it is so exciting to see how innovation can push us a step further to find ways to be environmentally-friendly. this place is definitely on my list of places to see when i visit taiwan again!

visit Carton King Creativity Park, Restaurant and Honey Museum in taichung, taiwan

read more about the use of paper at the restaurant from

all images from above resources

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