thanksgiving menu 2014

this year is k’s first year of eating solids so i wanted to choose a menu where she can take part in the family dinner by eating the same food as everyone, which means this will also be my first Thanksgiving without garlic

Thanksgiving meal 2014deux

m read somewhere that there’s a place in Italy that says that cooking with garlic is “cheating” … in someways i have been doing this for most of my life because what doesn’t taste good with garlic well, it turns out plenty can! i found some wonderful dishes that were 1 to 2 flavor ingredients, though the main flavoring i used was the drippings from the roast chicken. yum!

apple banana pumpkin breadas for dessert since i tried the apple, banana and pumpkin combo and loved it, i searched for recipes with those three specific fruits and vegetables. i found this apple, banana and pumpkin bred recipe that was perfect. i paired down the ingredients and came up with a light loaf, topping it with some extra applesauce. yum yum yum!


main course



this year, one of the things i’m thankful for is the power of the internet to make it easy for me to find recipes that i can cater to k’s food allergies and cook up a yummy meal.

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