hankering for hanco’s

if you’re on your way to stroll along the brooklyn promenade or check out newly expanded paths of piers 1-6 of the brooklyn bridge park, you can stop the new vietnamese place on montague street: hanco’s. their vietnamese sandwiches are awesome – you can choose their traditional sandwich; specific meats: grilled pork or chicken; or vegetarian: tofu with a mild or spicy sauce. each sandwich is stuffed with cilantro, pickled radish, cucumber and carrots, and your chosen protein and wrapped inside a super crispy yummy bread – white or whole wheat. i’ve tried several of them but my favorite is the … Continue reading hankering for hanco’s

bubble tea and bubbling hot pot, quickly!

UPDATE: No longer serving hot put i know it is summer and it has been blazing hot but sometimes, you gotta fight heat with more heat! that’s why i had to get me some shabu shabu and quickly! now if you never had shabu shabu before, it’s a fun experience. part of the meal is preset: you get a platter with veggies, noodles and seafood. to customize, you can add a protein (meat, seafood, tofu), or additional veggies or noodles. the meal also comes a broth. specific to quickly’s you also get a drink – a choice of teas with … Continue reading bubble tea and bubbling hot pot, quickly!

crepes and bubbles at crepes ‘n’ tearia

m & i arrived in the forest hills hood before dinner so we hung out at crepes ‘n’ tearia a block away. as the name implies, it has crepes and tea so i had to try both! they had both sweet crepes and savory crepes. you can order from their menu or have the option to create your own. i was in the mood for a sweet crepe, so i had the banana, chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream covered in whipped cream. the crepe was light and delicious with warm banana slices inside, and chocolate, ice cream and whipped cream … Continue reading crepes and bubbles at crepes ‘n’ tearia

bubble me boba

when i watch the show unwrapped i either am intrigued, feel nostalgic or get cravings. they often talk about foods we grew up with as children, show you how something is made or introduce you to popular foods. so in one episode of unwrapped, they talked about drinks and they included the popular drink that originated from taiwan but made a burst in the states: bubble tea.* introduced as the beverage you drink as well as eat. the original bubble tea is milk tea with chewy, sweet black tapioca pearls and is served with a big straw so you can … Continue reading bubble me boba