hankering for hanco’s

if you’re on your way to stroll along the brooklyn promenade or check out newly expanded paths of piers 1-6 of the brooklyn bridge park, you can stop the new vietnamese place on montague street: hanco’s.

their vietnamese sandwiches are awesome – you can choose their traditional sandwich; specific meats: grilled pork or chicken; or vegetarian: tofu with a mild or spicy sauce. each sandwich is stuffed with cilantro, pickled radish, cucumber and carrots, and your chosen protein and wrapped inside a super crispy yummy bread – white or whole wheat.

i’ve tried several of them but my favorite is the spicy tofu in wheat bread – tho the grilled pork is a close second! if you’re not in the mood for sandwiches, you can also choose meat over rice or meat over salad as well as pho in chicken or beef broth. there is no pork broth so if you get pork, you choose between chicken or beef broth – i liked the chicken broth but to each their own!

now, you may not be hungry – just thirsty. hanco’s has a variety teas – from classic green and black tea – to – flavored teas such as jasmine green, lychee black or apple green. all teas can be decaf also. instead of tea, you can also have coffee, mocha or lattes. each of these choices can be turned into bubble tea (or coffee) by adding tapioca. wait – if you don’t like tapioca, you can substitute with three kinds of jelly: lychee, green tea or herbal jelly.

with all these choices, how can you go wrong? hanco’s definitely is a quick and yummy place to stop in for a bite or slurp. yum!

eat at Hanco’s in brooklyn heights, ny


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