let ‘wichcraft cast a spell on you

after a wonderful meal at colicchio and sons – tap room, i was looking forward to visiting tom colicchio’s many other restaurants and happily, the opportunity came soon enough! after a late morning meeting with coworkers, we took off for the real reason we got together: good food! on the nice sunny day, we went a slightly extended walk to ‘wichcraft! ‘wichcraft is a casual dining place with over 10 locations in nyc that celebrates sandwiches! they have cool, warm and pressed sandwiches as well as breakfast sandwiches, salads, soups and sides. i love pressed sandwiches so i had the … Continue reading let ‘wichcraft cast a spell on you

charm city cakes + harry potter = explosive cakes

it has been a beautiful cake relationship between charm city cakes and harry potter. now that the last movie is coming out, the team pulled out all the stops for perhaps the last cake for the franchise. * this week, Charm City Cakes recreated a half-destroyed Hogwarts castle cake for the New York premiere of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2” “It’s got over 120 LED lights on it that are all on different circuits so they’re blinking at different moments, so it looks like it’s on fire, and then it’s got smoke machines that go through it, so smoke … Continue reading charm city cakes + harry potter = explosive cakes

cafe verde

during a short trip to LA, gf got a recommendation for brunch at cafe verde, located in a relatively quiet street in pasadena with lots of free street parking on a sunday morning. special to this cozy cafe is their mexican flavors. i tasted a little of m’s papas and rajas with chorizo and two eggs (sauteed potatoes with chiles, onions and chorizo) as well as devoured my two dishes: stuffed pasilla chile (a poblano chile stuffed with chicken, mozzarella, corn, mushroom and cilantro in a pasilla chile sauce) and the special: berry crepe with passion fruit and blueberry sauce. … Continue reading cafe verde

bubble me boba

when i watch the show unwrapped i either am intrigued, feel nostalgic or get cravings. they often talk about foods we grew up with as children, show you how something is made or introduce you to popular foods. so in one episode of unwrapped, they talked about drinks and they included the popular drink that originated from taiwan but made a burst in the states: bubble tea.* introduced as the beverage you drink as well as eat. the original bubble tea is milk tea with chewy, sweet black tapioca pearls and is served with a big straw so you can … Continue reading bubble me boba