crepes and bubbles at crepes ‘n’ tearia

m & i arrived in the forest hills hood before dinner so we hung out at crepes ‘n’ tearia a block away. as the name implies, it has crepes and tea so i had to try both!

they had both sweet crepes and savory crepes. you can order from their menu or have the option to create your own. i was in the mood for a sweet crepe, so i had the banana, chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream covered in whipped cream. the crepe was light and delicious with warm banana slices inside, and chocolate, ice cream and whipped cream on top. it was decadent without feeling heavy. yum!

as for the drinks, they had tea, coffee, bubble drinks and something they call ice square. i had lychee  ice square – which is a combo of lychee icy and lychee ice cream. i like it! sometimes an icy can be too cold and ice cream too heavy so the iced square brings the two together as a perfect drink without being too sweet. i can’t wait to be back to try another ice square and a crepe too!

eat and drink at Crepes ‘n’ Tearia in forest hills, ny


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