bubble me boba

when i watch the show unwrapped i either am intrigued, feel nostalgic or get cravings. they often talk about foods we grew up with as children, show you how something is made or introduce you to popular foods.

so in one episode of unwrapped, they talked about drinks and they included the popular drink that originated from taiwan but made a burst in the states: bubble tea.* introduced as the beverage you drink as well as eat. the original bubble tea is milk tea with chewy, sweet black tapioca pearls and is served with a big straw so you can get sip of the drink and some pearls to chew on at the same time. but you can also get various tea and fruit flavor drinks, have tapioca, jelly or nothing in the drinks, as well as have it hot or cold. whichever way is your way, it is yum and fun!

while i have my favorite bubble tea places in my hometown, i was in the west coast and saw the bubble tea place featured in the unwrapped episode: lollicup. matching its logo, the store is smiley, sunny and happy — just the way i think of bubble tea.

drink at lollicup or shop at lollicup store
see more episodes of unwrapped

* NOTE: choking hazard
while bubble tea is fun and yummy treat, when trying for the first time, drink carefully and if young kids are having it, someone should watch out for them. the tapioca pearls, big or small, if not chewed thoroughly can get stuck in one’s throat.


3 thoughts on “bubble me boba

  1. i like Tearrific in chinatown cuz their tapioca pearls are really good. a lot of chinatown bakeries have bubble tea but the tapioca pearls are either too soft or too hard! Ten Ren and St. Alps Teahouse is good too. do you have a favorite?


  2. Next time in Chinatown I will have to try Tearrific. I like Ten Ren as well. There’s a good place in Flushing Mall, the stall where they sell shaved ice! Yum


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