bubble tea and bubbling hot pot, quickly!

UPDATE: No longer serving hot put

i know it is summer and it has been blazing hot but sometimes, you gotta fight heat with more heat! that’s why i had to get me some shabu shabu and quickly!

now if you never had shabu shabu before, it’s a fun experience. part of the meal is preset: you get a platter with veggies, noodles and seafood. to customize, you can add a protein (meat, seafood, tofu), or additional veggies or noodles. the meal also comes a broth. specific to quickly’s you also get a drink – a choice of teas with or without bubbles, slush drinks as well as pudding, juice or milk drinks. after you order, you can start preparing for your meal by going to the sauce cart the side of the restaurant and concocting your own special sauce.

after you order, the waiter will bring your broth over and start it boiling. next they’ll bring your platter(s) of raw ingredients. then you become the cook and add the ingredients as you choose. when you see that it’s cooked to your preference, you remove it from the broth and start eating! from then on, just cook and eat at your own pace until your raw ingredients are gone. of course, if you’re still hungry, you can order more. but don’t forget to enjoy the broth – with all of the ingredients that you added, it becomes your unique savory broth. yum Yum YUMMM! hot pot is pretty awesome stuff for all seasons!

eat at Quickly in chinatown, ny


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