recipe: cauliflower and citrus salad

for a refreshing summer meal, this salad is the perfect blend of sweet and savory. the original recipe had a spicy vinaigrette with red pepper, anchovies and capers so I simplified it for the little one but it is just as delicious! it is even better after the vegetables have been refrigerated. this recipe is one i’ll definitely make again and again.

cooking tools

  • 1 pressure cooker

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recipe: fig and prosciutto sandwich

fig and prosciutto sandwichso m and i stopped at Le Pain Quotidien for dinner and m gets a prosciutto, fig and pear tartine with ricotta, honey and wild arugula. standard to have your child try new things is introduce one new thing at a time for 3 days straight and observe any changes.

we’ve introduced a variety of cheeses, arugula and pear but there were several new ingredients: prosciutto, fig and honey. taking a step away from being the neurotic parents with a child with food allergies, we let our little one take a bite. k enjoyed it very much! Continue reading “recipe: fig and prosciutto sandwich”

quick and delicious: Kitchens of India Just Heat & Eat – Dal Bukhara

another dish in the Kitchens of India Just Heat & Eat family: Dal Bukhara / Black Gram Lentils Curry.

dal bukhara / black gram lentils curryif you asked me a few years ago to eat lentils, i’d say “no thank you!” but since i’ve been cooking for k, and i see how much she likes it, i have been more receptive to foods i previously avoided.

so, with a package of Dal Bukhara, some grain – today i made a huge put of millet so that is the grain for the day – and lots of vegetables: asparagus, bell peppers, tomatoes and spinach! i am SO full!

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resurrecting the hardened brown sugar

i have avoided using brown sugar because after using a little bit that a recipe called for, it would sit in my cabinet for a while and then when i need to use it again, it would be hard as a ROCK! knowing it would happen, the next time i bought it, i try to reseal in the best possible way – double bagging in an air tight ziplock bag but to no avail. i never used it fast enough to not harden. ugh. Continue reading “resurrecting the hardened brown sugar”

quick and delicious: Kitchens of India Just Heat & Eat – Rajma Masala

another Kitchens of India Just Heat & Eat package i picked up: Rajma Masala / Red Kidney Beans Curry. i’m more familiar and prefer to eat / cook with chick peas or black beans so i’m happy to try the other beans when it already has been flavored and indian curry is a wonderful choice!

as with the other Kitchens of India Just Heat and Eat package, dilute it with a few cups of water and add a lot more vegetables, thereby creating feast! indian food is usually paired with rice but as in my previous post, i had discovered adding quinoa or millet is equally wonderful. enjoy!
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quick and delicious: Kitchens of India Just Heat & Eat – Pindi Chana

i have definitely been a lazy cook these days by the time k goes to bed at 9:30pm and no dinner ready, all i want to do is lie on the couch and sleep or order take out Japanese food. but dinner still has to be had. there used to be a few good indian restaurants in my hood but they has since closed. anyhoo, one day while shopping for k’s grocers, i found these Kitchens of India Just Heat & Eat packages on sale. i’ve seen them before but how good could Indian food-in-a-box be? but at 2 for $6 bucks, why not give it a try? well, the real question is why didn’t i try them earlier? Continue reading “quick and delicious: Kitchens of India Just Heat & Eat – Pindi Chana”

absorb the radiance

after dinner we came to Radiance Tea House & Books for dessert. we tried: Assorted Mochi Platter with 6 pieces of mochi: red bean, green tea, peanut, sesame, taro and mango mochi served with a tasting cup of dessert coffee drink Green Tea Scone with homemade green tea scone with whipped cream and homemade strawberry glaze Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich with choice of cookie and and ice cream flavors the mochi was quite tender and delicious but the inside of mango and green tea mochi was flavored jelly, perhaps Americanized for non Asian customers. the ice cream sandwich was ok – … Continue reading absorb the radiance