fresh and seasonal abc kitchen

abc kitchen is yet another jean-georges vongerichten restaurant. i read about it a little after it opened last year bcuz of its focus on being sustainable, using organic ingredients and has committed to source 70% of the menu from within 90 miles of the restaurant between May and October. m&i shared the crab toast with lemon aioli for appetizer which was SO AMAZING! for our main dishes, we had the black sea bass with chiles and herbs, baby potatoes and spinach – and – a cheeseburger with herbed mayo and pickled jalapeno. the cheeseburger was one of the best burgers we ever … Continue reading fresh and seasonal abc kitchen

new uses for tea

now that i am composting, i am so happy knowing that my scraps will have a second life! one of the things i can compost is tea bags – which is awesome bcuz i drink a lot of tea. but according to this article, there are 15 more uses for tea! Clean carpets: Sprinkle used green tea leaves on the carpet for about 10 minutes, then vacuum them up. Delicate Persian and Oriental rugs can also benefit from a sprinkling of tea leaves. In this case, sprinkle nearly dry, used whole tea leaves on the rugs, and gently sweep them … Continue reading new uses for tea

stability ball

for the last few years, i’ve had a ironman balance ball as my desk chair with an isokinetics balance ball base. i like sitting on it while i work. it has been quite a while since i needed to add more air to my balance ball so when i tried the other day, my pump wasn’t working. the price for a new pump is around $6 +shipping while a new ball with a pump starts at $10 so i looked at getting another ball. unfortunately the one i had before is no longer around so i did some research on … Continue reading stability ball

hk: pho yummee at the peak

one of the places you MUST visit, especially on your first trip to hong kong is to check out the view at The Peak. there is a tram that takes you to The Peak and it is a long wait but you will see a view of hong kong like no other. it is breathtaking. so after you make it to the top to see the amazing view of the city, how about a meal? now, there are beautiful restaurants at the peak with a view of the city but it is quite pricey. so we paid more to go … Continue reading hk: pho yummee at the peak

chow down at ed’s chowder house

i don’t remember when or from where i read about this place but it’s hard to resist a place that has chowder as part of the name. it just screams seafood and is a nice place to share with friends! as it is a chowder place, between the four of us, we tried the summer corn chowder with crispy leeks, manhattan style blue crab chowder and the Ed’s loaded shellfish chowder – which i had. it sure was loaded with lobster, shrimp and clams.the chowders are pretty large portions and quite filling. for the main dish, we tried the striped … Continue reading chow down at ed’s chowder house

bring out the spice market

since opening in 2004, spice market has consistently been listed as one of the top new york city restaurants. jean-georges vongerichten’s restaurant used to be a former two-story warehouse but you would never know it when you walk inside. the interiors truly is a sight to behold – from the high ceilings; to stylish furniture and elegant silk lanterns; to wonderful colors of cheerful orange, warm wood and natural greens. you feel like you enter a brand new world and it is beautiful! for spice market’s restaurant week lunch menu, there are three choices of appetizers: – spicy thai slaw with asian … Continue reading bring out the spice market

it’s so butter!

since restaurant week was extended, it gave me the chance to try another restaurant i haven’t before! now, i’ve heard of butter before – the previous year, i watched a lot of this food network show, chopped, and one of the judges was alex guarnaschelli, the executive chef of butter. when you watch reality food shows, you feel bad for the contestants when the judges are harsh on them. i distinctly remember alex because she never had a smile on her face as she tasted dishes from the various chefs. after eating at butter, i now wonder how chefs who create … Continue reading it’s so butter!

sprinkle your cupcakes with joy

there’s was a lot of buzz going on when sprinkles opened in nyc in may and it has not died down. i finally went when i was walking by the neighborhood and i will be back! looking like sprinkles falling from the sky, the cute store on the upper east side is designed with catchy bold dots of colors inside and out. it just looks fun and inviting – as it should be – you’re gonna have some cupcakes! when you enter, you are welcome to a display with three rows of cupcakes – which flavor to choose! for my first … Continue reading sprinkle your cupcakes with joy

dance to colicchio and sons – tap room

for restaurant week in new york city, one of picks was to try a restaurant by tom colicchio, multiple time recipient of James Beard Foundation and head judge of Top Chef (even thought i never watched the show before). appropriately, colicchio & sons is right by food central: chelsea market. the ambiance is warm with colors of browns and oranges, and cozy with chopped wood. they also have an extensive wine collection, beautiful clear wall display that stylishly separates the tap room from the main dining room. this restaurant is truly an enjoyment for the eyes and tastebuds. in the typical restaurant week … Continue reading dance to colicchio and sons – tap room

raise your glasses for glass house tavern

times square is a fun place to visit but it isn’t necessarily know for the best restaurants. but on a nice night out with family, glass house tavern shows there is delicious food in the hood. i had the tomato and mozzarella, d had the cold poached shrimp with cucumber mango salad and both were good but the clear winner was the mushroom streudel with roasted pepper brandy cream – DELICIOUS! for the entrée, the fresh atlantic salmon filet with roast corn and cous cous risotto, citrus, chiles in blood orange vinaigrette was good but the seafood paella was a … Continue reading raise your glasses for glass house tavern

dip into the bourgeois pig

years and years ago, i went to a swiss fondue restaurant with friends and went home hungry. perhaps it was the cheese we chose or the food we were given to dipped with … i don’t remember but i had vowed never to do it again. the bourgeois pig, however, changes all my opinions about cheese fondue. the decor of the bourgeois pig is awesome. friends arrived just before they opened and watched the staff pull open the bars to the wooden gates to the windows. you see stained glass windows and a dark lounge, with a belle epoque atmosphere. … Continue reading dip into the bourgeois pig

go with the flow to ippudo

in search of great ramen, ippudo has been listed as one of the places to go. with the word of mouth, customers continue to line up. as far as authentic goes, ippudo restaurant originated from japan and it currently has one location new york as well as a few locations in singapore. friends and i took a chance to get a table at ippudo at 5:30 and we got lucky waiting only a few minutes. the staff is friendly and offer to help you with any questions you may have. i ordered the current special: Tsuke-soba Shinpu which was cold noodles with … Continue reading go with the flow to ippudo