take a ride on the kimchi taco truck

after catching a movie at union square, a few of us walked to the kimchi taco truck that was parked on astor place. since it was our first time trying it out, we went for the 3-tacos combo for a mere $7 that are topped with asian pico de gallo, fresh kimchi, green onion on toasted corn tortilla: Grilled Korean BBQ Beef – Kimchi Taco’s Signature Marinade Seared Pork – Korean Spiced Pork Tenderloin marinated with Red Pepper Paste Pulled Chicken – Slow Cooked Shredded Chicken lightly sautéed with Red Wine Soy Sauce Reduction in addition, we got 2 sides … Continue reading take a ride on the kimchi taco truck

van leeuwen artisinal ice cream

the first time i saw the Van Leeuwen ice cream truck over a year ago in soho after dinner with friends. it caught my eye bcuz it had an earl grey flavored ice cream – my favorite tea. since we just finished a huge meal, i couldn’t fit any more food so we had to walk by without a taste. since then, i have seen the pale yellow truck several times in the city but always at similar inopportune moments. today the streak ended. after the fun outdoor concert and a yummy late dinner, k tempted me with gourmet ice cream … Continue reading van leeuwen artisinal ice cream

rolling with the wafels & dinges

i have been looking forward to trying belgian waffles from Wafels & Dinges for a LONG TIME but each time i bumped into the cart, i had been too full to enjoy it. when i went looking for it once, it left its scheduled location early! i got so mad, i refused to follow it anymore. it just wasn’t meant to be … until now! i was taking my relatives around the city and in the middle of museum hopping, what do we find? the waffle truck and an empty stomach! so my niece, who has heard about my failed quests, … Continue reading rolling with the wafels & dinges

cake & shake

gf, her hubs and i went to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit: Savage Beauty at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (from may 4 thru july 31) and it was spectacular! afterwards, gf & i looked for some treats. right outside the MET were a couple of food trucks. i love checking out mobile trucks so we stopped at the Cake & Shake truck. cupcakes, cakes and shakes. sounds decadent. but to feel better about treating yourself, cake & shake uses organic milk, eggs, flour, sugar and butter in the cakes. the milkshakes use real fruit and organic fruit flavoring. in … Continue reading cake & shake

meal on the go via AMTRAK

i’ve taken short rides on the amtrak before – one hour to three hours maximum. but this trip was the first ride that was longer than a few hours – not just a few hours longer but overnight! 21 hours long to be exact en route to florida! now one of the fun things about taking a long ride on a train is the dining car. there’s something about sitting in a train, looking out at the green scenery, while having food served to you, that is a one-of-a-kind experience. meals are prepped for you to order in tiny tiny … Continue reading meal on the go via AMTRAK

holly cow, molly moon’s

while walking around downtown seattle, i had a hankering for ice cream but i could not find a parlor anywhere! so, aside from a ice cream shake at johnny rockets or milk shakes at mcdonalds, there was no ice cream! do people in seattle eat ice cream??? so, i asked cola man what was the deal and where is the ice cream? and that’s how i learned about molly moon’s homemade ice cream, a cute parlor in freemont. now, the first day cola man drove by there, it was a weekend night and it was late but there was a … Continue reading holly cow, molly moon’s

little cupcake lover cart

i was in the village shopping and passed by a cart stationed on broadway between houston and bleecker selling cupcakes. called little cupcake lover, they sell mini bite-size cupcakes and standard size cupcakes:   little cupcakes come in the following flavors: vanilla, red velvet, mint chocolate, black & white swirl, oreo, chocolate peanut butter, strawberry, peanut butter & jelly, nutella mint and chocolate   while large cupcakes come in the following flavors: chocolate sprinkled,  lemon sprinkled, rainbow sprinkled, spring sprinkled, red velvet, ocean sprinkled and violet sprinkled i wanted a nutella mint cupcake but they had sold out so i … Continue reading little cupcake lover cart

tacos on wheels

if you have memories of running after the jingle of the ice cream truck when you were a kid (or adult), imagine how much exercise you would have gotten if there were all other kinds of good food rolling your way. food trucks are a growing industry in recent years! the first one i searched for was the belgian waffle truck. i learned that wafles & dinges keeps moving from location to location, day by day, so i have yet to find to try it — but i will one day! last month, i watched throwdown with bobby flay where … Continue reading tacos on wheels

crêpes à la banane et nutella

although one of the best dinners m & i had in paris was belgian, that didn’t mean we didn’t have any french favorites! oui! oui! and oooh la la … we did! m & i stayed at a hotel a few blocks from rue cler, a street well known for its markets, restaurants and stores. it was on that street that m & i had our first crepe: crêpes à la banane et nutella. the crepe man spread nutella on one half of a large paper thin crepe, piled on the sliced bananas, then folded the crepe over twice forming … Continue reading crêpes à la banane et nutella

oh waffle stand, where art thou?

when m & i went to paris, one of our best meals wasn’t french – it was belgium! along the famous Champs Elysees was this restaurant: léon de bruxelles. when you think belgium food, you think mussels and fries. this place does not disappoint! while you eat, you watch a video on how the restaurant catches mussels and cook each individual pot. the quality and the flavor of the mussels show they are made with expertise. the entrée comes with pommes frites (french fries) and they are bottomless. did we ask for more, you ask? silly question, of course we … Continue reading oh waffle stand, where art thou?