breakfast and art for allie by jim’s pancakes

how can a 3-year old not have a great meal when presented with a beautiful art creation that is a feast for the eyes … and then get to eat it too? well, little allison has just that responsibility and she does it with a smile, much to the joy of her father, jim. for the rest of us who don’t live in the household, we’re lucky to find his blog, jim’s pancakes. here, jim shares his artistic pancake creations. he even gives some construction tips so we can recreate his art. just to name a few from his gallery: – accessories … Continue reading breakfast and art for allie by jim’s pancakes

mobile apps for foodies

today mashable had a story on 10 iPhone Apps for food lovers. some of them were pretty cool. so, i compiled a list of their recommendations as well as other apps that i like. apps providing health information Seafood World (Free): resource of fish choices that are better for the environment Eat This Not That (Free): recommendation of a healthier alternative for something you are craving Lose It (Free): diary of your food intake to keep track of what you eat apps that provide definitions on food or cuisine Global Eater Food Dictionary ($.99): definition of food from all over … Continue reading mobile apps for foodies

rocky mountain chocolate factory

sadly i am allergic but i can still appreciate good looking food, especially when it comes to sweets! so here’s a triple threat: chocolate, candy and fruit on presentation as a piece of art: candied apples. yum! but this place isn’t just candied apples – it’s crazy chocolates, ice cream, caramel popcorn, nut brittle and so much more … like … wedding favors! chocolate on glassware, champagne bottles, fruit, pretzel. you name it! love it! ________________________________________________________________________________ buy chocolates at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in seattle, wa or online Continue reading rocky mountain chocolate factory

teppanyaki at midori matsu

it has been a long time since i’ve been to a japanese restaurant that had a teppanyaki* chef that cooked food for you on a large iron plate. so it was fun to find one to take my dad for father’s day. located between forest hills and kew gardens in queens is a restaurant named midori matsu. there are 2 rooms in the restaurant – a large room for those who want teppanyaki and those who don’t. we, of course, did so we could get a variety. we ordered some sushi rolls as well as shirmp, scallop, lobster and chilean sea … Continue reading teppanyaki at midori matsu

gingerbread cookies

in yesterday’s throwdown with bobby flay, johanna rosson, a gingerbread artist from macomb, IL decorated the house of abraham lincoln. it was pretty amazing, from the details in the glass windows to a snowball fight in front of the house! bobby attempted to build the empire state building. needless to say, johanna won the gingerbread decorating aspect of this throwdown hands down. bobby won in terms of the taste of the gingerbread cookies. so here are both recipes. i’m going to have to try it out to see if they can possibly be any better than my gf’s gingerbread recipe, … Continue reading gingerbread cookies

bittersweet deliciousness

after a laid back morning, cuz & i headed out to old town for some grub and errands. so we decended upon bittersweet café with a hungry appetite and they delivered! we made an easy and quick decision to share a soup and sandwich. the day’s soup choices included a carrot and ginger soup that was our tasty pick -and- the big george with grilled chicken, bacon, avocado, pepper jack, honey mustard, lettuce and tomato on a kaiser roll sounded, looked and tasted awesome. YUM! but the best part of our lunch bcuz it gave my cuz and me the … Continue reading bittersweet deliciousness

taiwanese soup dumplings

in nyc, you know about the infamous soup dumplings of joe’s shanghai. in taiwan, you know of the infamous soup dumplings of din tai fung. no longer just in taiwan — but also in various countries in asia: japan, china, singapore, indonesia, korea, malaysia and hong kong; as well as australia; and one location in the US: california — this little dumpling place didn’t start out as a restaurant. it made its humble beginnings as a cooking oils store in its flagship location in xinyi, taiwan. but after opening its new business as a dumpling house, this restaurant soon became … Continue reading taiwanese soup dumplings

TALL, RICH and red HOT velvet cake

going back to red velvet, to own the truth, i’ve never had red velvet before! cakes, cupcakes, cheesecake … never have and have yet to try it! maybe it is bcuz the color is really red. maybe it has to do with my mom making things that would require food coloring but often it would not result in that color, e.g. celebration red eggs = barely pink eggs. or maybe bcuz i watched steel magnolias and remember that crazy red armadillo cake. well, either way, it has never been my thing to eat something soooooo RED. anyhoo, the first time … Continue reading TALL, RICH and red HOT velvet cake

how SWEET it is!

the sweetest event of the year takes place during the annual food network new york city wine & food festival! this year’s SWEET event was presented by godiva chocolatier and featured 56 booths with desserts (mostly) and drinks from restaurants, bakeries and beverage companies. there were places to mingle, dance and take photos. the event benefited food bank for new york city and share our strength. now let’s talk dessert! i noticed a lot of desserts with pomegranate. there were a few booths with macaroons. and of course, there was chocolate! my favorite desserts were the pomegranate panna cotta, chocolate … Continue reading how SWEET it is!

tomato stuffed chicken salad

i’ve been wanting to try this recipe since i saw it on paula deen’s food network show. usually, i don’t make paula’s recipes because her use of butter and rich ingredients sends my cholesterol rising without ever tasting it. but at the beginning of this “paula’s light delights” episode, paula said she was going to create some lean dishes. when she showed how to make this dish, she joked about how she only used a tablespoon of mayonnaise when normally she would use MUCH more and she laughed! she’s loves her rich foods but it’s nice she enjoys some healthier … Continue reading tomato stuffed chicken salad

happy pickle day to one and all!

once a year, i can be one with all the pickle lovers of the world at the new york city international pickle day! co-sponsored by the ny food museum and the lower east side business improvement district, the festival celebrates “… pickled fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses … ” from “… all around the world, and around the corner.” happily we can taste and eat, learn and educate, shop and wear all things pickles! they even encourage you to bring your own costume! well … i personally wouldn’t go that far. i don’t attend the pickle day festival every year but … Continue reading happy pickle day to one and all!