too cute to eat bento boxes

bento boxes are so tasty but OMG these are too cute to eat! from anime, to video games, to sanrio characters, to architecture and people … anyhoo. there are a few of my favorites from the wildammo site: Tonari no Totoro Tare Panda Hello Kitty Mario Bros. WALL-E … and in spirit of this blog: Cooking Mama ________________________________________________________________________________ see even more on Wildammo‘s website: Why You SHOULD Play With Your Food Continue reading too cute to eat bento boxes

gingerbread cookies

in yesterday’s throwdown with bobby flay, johanna rosson, a gingerbread artist from macomb, IL decorated the house of abraham lincoln. it was pretty amazing, from the details in the glass windows to a snowball fight in front of the house! bobby attempted to build the empire state building. needless to say, johanna won the gingerbread decorating aspect of this throwdown hands down. bobby won in terms of the taste of the gingerbread cookies. so here are both recipes. i’m going to have to try it out to see if they can possibly be any better than my gf’s gingerbread recipe, … Continue reading gingerbread cookies

taiwanese street markets – pt.1: seafood

during my stay in tw, my solution to adjusting to the 12-hour time difference was to sleep around midnight and get up at dawn. it wasn’t really a solution but it kinda worked for me. so, what did i do so early in the morning? i watched/listened to asian mtv; i diligently ate breakfast; then i headed out to the street markets. street markets in tw are like farmers markets in the u.s. but instead of just selling farm products, they sell EVERYTHING. now, what could i mean by everything? well, let me start with: seafood. yup, you aren’t seeing … Continue reading taiwanese street markets – pt.1: seafood

ace of book-signing

this is my month of the duff. i knew the Ace of Cakes book was coming out on tuesday, october 20. a few days ago, i checked in the barnes & nobles by my house and reserved a copy so i can pick it up the day it came out. i was content. the night before, i browsed on the charm city cakes website events page at midnight before the book launched and saw … duff goldman will be in new york for a book-signing on the day his book comes out in a barnes and nobles in long island … Continue reading ace of book-signing

determined to bake! pumpkin loaf, it is.

i’ve been having way too many thoughts about desserts this week that i even considered baking! this morning i woke up determined and went to my local b&n to pick up a copy of a light dessert cookbook, Perfect Light Deserts, that is used in ICE‘s cooking class “Low-Calorie Baking.” (Nick teaches there too!) unfortunately b&n didn’t have it in stock. since i was there anyway, thought i’d find out if duff’s Ace of Cakes: Inside the World of Charm City Cakes book will actually be IN THE STORE on tuesday, october 20 when his book is available. they said … Continue reading determined to bake! pumpkin loaf, it is.

the DUFF is in town … and cake, icing and sprinkles are flying everywhere!

the duff is in town! the duff is in town! so imagine my disappointment when i missed him at last night’s SWEET event. BUT the Ace of Cakes was also the Ace of Kids as part of the food network new york wine & food festival, sharing with kids what he does best: decorating cakes! at two 1-hour sessions at chelsea market today, duff goldman had classes of over 20 kids each getting their art on! those who had tickets and those who didn’t both crowded the entrance of the classroom in anticipation for duff’s class! of course he did … Continue reading the DUFF is in town … and cake, icing and sprinkles are flying everywhere!

how SWEET it is!

the sweetest event of the year takes place during the annual food network new york city wine & food festival! this year’s SWEET event was presented by godiva chocolatier and featured 56 booths with desserts (mostly) and drinks from restaurants, bakeries and beverage companies. there were places to mingle, dance and take photos. the event benefited food bank for new york city and share our strength. now let’s talk dessert! i noticed a lot of desserts with pomegranate. there were a few booths with macaroons. and of course, there was chocolate! my favorite desserts were the pomegranate panna cotta, chocolate … Continue reading how SWEET it is!

happy pickle day to one and all!

once a year, i can be one with all the pickle lovers of the world at the new york city international pickle day! co-sponsored by the ny food museum and the lower east side business improvement district, the festival celebrates “… pickled fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses … ” from “… all around the world, and around the corner.” happily we can taste and eat, learn and educate, shop and wear all things pickles! they even encourage you to bring your own costume! well … i personally wouldn’t go that far. i don’t attend the pickle day festival every year but … Continue reading happy pickle day to one and all!

where’s my sushi pack?

ok – i don’t have kids (does hanging out with my friends’ kids count?) but i still love watching saturday morning cartoons. one of my FAV that i discovered over a year ago is sushi pack! just the intro theme song and lyrics gets me going: “… they’re really quite delicious, there’s something quite suspicious, about all the little fishes that are sitting on my plate. they are very very small, only two inches long, they are superhero sushi that are sitting on my plate! …” ha ha ha — love it! come on, how can you resist these cute … Continue reading where’s my sushi pack?

gingerbread season!

as we approach the winter months, what i look forward to is gingerbread! my girlfriend, sj, started a tradition of gingerbread house decorating almost a decade ago before she had her daughter. the first house i decorated was an open gingerbread castle, decorating both the exterior as well as the interior with … of course … candy! now her daughter is a little girl so last year, she hosted a gingerbread house decorating party for her daughter and neighborhood kids. we were going to go to assist but at the last minute, couldn’t make it. so, my gf brought us … Continue reading gingerbread season!

recipe index rocks!

i love the new food network magazine. it has great recipes, shares insights to the chefs and shows, and is a plethora of information. but what seals the magazine for me is the inclusion and design of the recipe index in the front of the magazine. for 2+ pages in the beginning of the magazine is a list of all the recipes they have in the magazine with the title and photo. as food network chefs often say – you eat with your eyes then your mouth. even though i have post-it recipes i would like to try in the … Continue reading recipe index rocks!

power tools + architectural model-making = cake decorating?

in high school, i took a shop class and we got to play with power tools! i loved the tool room – the circle cutter, the table saw, the sander … oh, so many tools but only one semester. from high school to college to continuing education, i studied architecture. after interning and working at a few architectural and interior design companies, i decided that i’d rather appreciate architecture from afar than work in the field. when money plays such a big part in an artistic endeavor, the first, second, third … thing that gets cut is the design and … Continue reading power tools + architectural model-making = cake decorating?