phenomenal lump crab cakes at faidley seafood

on a quick trip to baltimore to see a show at the hippodrome, i looked for a place nearby for lunch. the perfect place was just a few blocks away: faidley’s seafood in the lexington market. faidley’s seafood is a wondeful market to purchase all kinds of seafood – from crabs, lobster, mussels, etc. but in addition to buying seafood, you can eat there! a raw bar where regulars eat and chat with the two guys who shuck the oysters or serve the clams. but what i went for were the lump crab cakes. they were practically all crab with huge … Continue reading phenomenal lump crab cakes at faidley seafood

charm city cakes + harry potter = explosive cakes

it has been a beautiful cake relationship between charm city cakes and harry potter. now that the last movie is coming out, the team pulled out all the stops for perhaps the last cake for the franchise. * this week, Charm City Cakes recreated a half-destroyed Hogwarts castle cake for the New York premiere of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2” “It’s got over 120 LED lights on it that are all on different circuits so they’re blinking at different moments, so it looks like it’s on fire, and then it’s got smoke machines that go through it, so smoke … Continue reading charm city cakes + harry potter = explosive cakes

crabcakes at phillips seafood

when you want amazing crabcakes, you gotta go to phillips seafood. their chesapeake crab cakes is not one to be missed – they don’t call it phillips specialty for nothin’. these crabcakes have a crazy amount of crab. the inside is packed with shredded crab and seasoned with amazing flavors. there is no breadcrumb coating is no where in this recipe – instead you get LUMPS of crab. it is SOOOOOO good! it stands on its own – you can even forget the lemon and the tartar sauce – you gotta savor each forkful! ________________________________________________________________________________ eat at Philips Seafood at … Continue reading crabcakes at phillips seafood

obrycki’s crab — extra large, please!

UPDATE: Original Baltimore restaurant closing November 2011 since we were in the dc area, what better excuse to stop at obrycki’s for crabs? but crab season is april – november so a few days earlier, i looked up on their site to see if we could catch the end of the season. good thing i did: obrycki’s closes on saturday for the winter! with their online system, i was able to make a reservation and add a note: “please reserve extra-large crabs for us.” after a lazy morning and a tasty brunch, we left my cuz & sk’s warm hospitality … Continue reading obrycki’s crab — extra large, please!