warm brown sugar cake

speaking of the red lion inn, one of the reasons m & i ate there so often was this dessert. it was so good the first time, that we had to go back for more! warm, soft and moist brown sugar cake in the inside but with a nice crust on the outside and was topped with a scoop of hazelnut ice cream. it was …¬†unforgettable. red lion inn provides this recipe on their website. one day, i’ll venture to make it. in the meantime, i’ll just drool at the wonderful trip down memory lane … Ingredients For the cake … Continue reading warm brown sugar cake

grilled salmon over orange and spinach salad

m & i went to the berkshires years ago. our favorite dining place was the red lion inn – so much so that we ate there a couple of times! we liked it so much that we even bought the cookbook! one of the yummiest things m made from the cookbook is this grilled salmon over orange and spinach salad – it is ridiculously good. the salty teriyaki sauce with the orange juice is just the perfect dressing for this spinach, orange, onion, scallion and salmon perfection. if you didn’t think you could be a salad person, trust me – … Continue reading grilled salmon over orange and spinach salad