phenomenal lump crab cakes at faidley seafood

on a quick trip to baltimore to see a show at the hippodrome, i looked for a place nearby for lunch. the perfect place was just a few blocks away: faidley’s seafood in the lexington market. faidley’s seafood is a wondeful market to purchase all kinds of seafood – from crabs, lobster, mussels, etc. but in addition to buying seafood, you can eat there! a raw bar where regulars eat and chat with the two guys who shuck the oysters or serve the clams. but what i went for were the lump crab cakes. they were practically all crab with huge … Continue reading phenomenal lump crab cakes at faidley seafood

10 easy ways to meet dietary guidelines

The majority of Americans are overweight or are at risk for developing cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, cancer and osteoporosis. Here are the super-simplified, main take-home messages of the 2010 guidelines: Balance your calories: Balance what you eat with what you burn (through just living and breathing and also through exercise) to maintain – or obtain – a healthy weight. Eat more of these foods: Fruits and vegetables; whole grains; fat-free or low-fat dairy; a variety of protein-rich foods, such as poultry, tofu and lean meats and, particularly, seafood; and foods that provide potassium, dietary fiber, calcium … Continue reading 10 easy ways to meet dietary guidelines

foods to help you sleep better

adding certain foods to your diet may help to increase your odds of a successful slumber: Fish: Most fish-and especially salmon, halibut and tuna-boast vitamin B6, which is needed to make melatonin (a sleep-inducing hormone triggered by darkness) Jasmine rice: When healthy sleepers ate carbohydrate-rich suppers of veggies and tomato sauce over rice, they fell asleep significantly faster at bedtime if the meal included high-glycemic-index (GI) jasmine rice Tart cherry juice: In a small study, melatonin-rich tart cherry juice was shown to aid sleep. Yogurt: Dairy products like yogurt and milk boast healthy doses of calcium-and there’s research that suggests … Continue reading foods to help you sleep better

ten power foods

here are ten gotta-eats to throw in your cart every time for a longer, slimmer, happier life: Apples Bananas Beans Berries Cabbage Canned salmon Kale Kiwi Oatmeal Papaya ________________________________________________________________________________ read article on Yahoo! Shine from Redbook: 10 Power Foods to Eat More, More, More Of Continue reading ten power foods

most common food allergies

food allergies occur when the immune system mistakes a food protein as a threat and attempts to protect the body by releasing histamines and other chemicals into the blood. food allergy is different from food sensitivity or intolerance, which does not involve an immune system reaction. you can be born with a food allergy, or it can develop over time. these eight foods are the root of 90 percent of all food reaction: Milk Milk allergies are considered the most common food allergy in children. Milk allergy symptoms include wheezing, vomiting, hives and digestive problems. milk rarely involves a life-threatening … Continue reading most common food allergies

seafood NOT to eat

while seafood may be better for you than red meat, not all seafood is good. here are some at the top of the don’t-eat list. Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Atlantic Salmon (both Wild=caught and Farmed) Atlantic Flatfish, including flounder, sole and halibut Imported King Crab Imported Shrimp ________________________________________________________________________________ read article on Yahoo! Health by David Zinczenko with Matt Goulding from Men’s Health: 5 Fish You Should Never Eat Continue reading seafood NOT to eat

“scary” food myths – busted!

been scared by some food myths? here are some that are BUSTED! Nutrition “Scare” #1: Fat Will Make You Fat! A diet high in healthy fats proved to be superior to a low-fat diet, both in terms of weight loss and overall health benefits. Saturated and trans fats have given fat a bad name, but the truth is that the unsaturated fats found in foods like nuts, salmon, and olive oil are a key component in a healthy diet. Nutrition “Scare” #2: Bread Will Make You Fat! Eating the right kinds of breads and other grains can actually help you … Continue reading “scary” food myths – busted!

ways to improve cholesterol

even though i’ve been able to keep my cholesterol in check, i’m always looking for “fun” ways to improve it – raising the HDL (good cholesterol) and lower your LDL (bad cholesterol). Eat more nuts: eating 67 grams of nuts per day (a little more than two-ounces) increased the ratio of HDL to LDL in the blood by 8.3% Boost your endurance: exercising for 20 minutes a day increases your HDL by 2.5 points and for every additional 10 minutes per day add an extra 1.4 points to your HDL Build killer quads: do three sets of six to eight repetitions … Continue reading ways to improve cholesterol

tw: seafood banquet

the first banquet we went to when arriving taiwan was at a seafood restaurant and it blew away any american asian banquet i’ve ever been to! this 12-course meal started with: – sashimi over crushed ice, – asian cold cuts, – crab legs, – a meat dish, – then fish, – clam in a leaf boat, – a put of goodness, – fried soft shell crab, – boat of sushi roll and eel, – soup, – then finally dessert each dish was amazing – full of unique flavor. it was hard to resist eating a lot of each and it resulted … Continue reading tw: seafood banquet

5 foods that can trigger a stroke

stroke is the number-three killer in the U.S. a stroke occurs when a blood vessel in or leading to the brain bursts or is blocked by a blood clot, starving brain cells of oxygen and nutrients. jere are five foods that cause the damage that leads to stroke. 1. Crackers, chips, and store-bought pastries and baked goods Aim to limit trans fats to no more than 1 or 2 grams a day — and preferably none. Avoid fast-food French fries and other fried menu items and study packaged food labels closely. Bake your own cookies, cakes, and other snacks. Search out … Continue reading 5 foods that can trigger a stroke

poached salmon on watercress with citrus vinaigrette

i bought a bunch of watercress so i went online for a recipe and found this one by bobby flay with salmon which is perfect since i haven’t had my salmon for the week. the poached salmon was flavorful and the citrus vinaigrette with arugula was light and refreshing. this recipe is perfect on a warm summer day. Ingredients For the salmon 1 cup dry white wine – or – 1 cup vegetable stock 1-1/2 cups water 2 lemon slices 1 small onion, peeled and quartered 5 sprigs parsley 1 bay leaf 6 peppercorns 1 (3 pound) salmon fillet, skin on, … Continue reading poached salmon on watercress with citrus vinaigrette

grilled chicken caesar salad with brussels sprouts

i’ve never made brussels sprouts before but i have had them before and besides tasty, they sure are cute! so when i saw rachael ray make a chicken caesar salad with brussels sprouts, i decided to give it a try and i’m glad i did! the brussels sprout gives a different texture to the regular leafy greens which i enjoy. in addition, brussels sprouts punch a healthy punch – similar to broccoli, it also has a chemical believed to have potent anti-cancer properties. so, caesar salad with a healthier green. yum! Ingredients For the chicken 3 small pieces boneless, skinless chicken … Continue reading grilled chicken caesar salad with brussels sprouts