resurrecting the hardened brown sugar

i have avoided using brown sugar because after using a little bit that a recipe called for, it would sit in my cabinet for a while and then when i need to use it again, it would be hard as a ROCK! knowing it would happen, the next time i bought it, i try to reseal in the best possible way – double bagging in an air tight ziplock bag but to no avail. i never used it fast enough to not harden. ugh.

but lately i started using it again after i read how molasses is good for you and brown sugar has molasses. even though i had an unused hard-as-rock pack of brown sugar in my cabinet, i bought a new one and managed to finish it before it hardened. but i still had a rock-hard pack in my cabinet. i know i’m not the only one with this problem as i have read that there is a way to soften it.. one brand used the microwave and i’m not a fan of the microwave so i avoided trying it.

brown sugar

the unopened hardened package of brown sugar was from Trader Joe’s and since i had a little free time one morning before work, i read the instructions on how to soften it: “open package and empty into a bowl. cover with a wet towel and leave overnight. then fork apart” well, it was daytime but if i left it all day, it should work right? well, at the end of the work day, i checked: the towel was dry but the sugar was still hard. bummer. i contemplated just filling the bowl with hot water and just saving it as liquid sugar. but the “overnight” instruction intrigued me so i rewet the towel, covered it and waited until the next morning.

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