recipe: garlic free stovetop tomato sauce

i never had any interest in making my own tomato sauce before but since the little one has a garlic allergy, i needed to learn. online i found a flexible recipe that allows you to add any ingredient you choose. it was perfect for those with allergies.

cooking tools


  • 2 large organic tomatoes (or ~ 10 Romas)
  • 1 organic red sweet bell peppers, diced fairly small
  • 1 Tbsp Italian seasoning – or –
    • 1 tsp basil
    • 1 tsp oregano
    • 1 tsp thyme

preparationgarlic free tomato sauce

  1. boil the tomatoes in a medium saucepan until the skins are loose and begin to break away from the flesh.
  2. remove tomatoes and allow to cool.
  3. dice the peppers and cook in the tomato broth.
  4. remove the skin from the tomatoes and then put back in the saucepan and break them down with a spoon.
  5. cook tomatoes and peppers on medium until it starts to boil.
  6. add italian seasoning and lower temperature. stir occasionally.
  7. simmer for an hour or two for the best results,
  8. sample sauce when it has been heated to see if it needs more seasoning.

i tested out the flavor by topping pasta with my tomato sauce – yum! since the recipe didn’t have any salt or pepper since it was for k, i added some to my taste. it tasted just as good as pre made tomato sauce i buy from the store! i thoroughly enjoyed it. i will be making bigger batches and storing them for future dishes. so far, i have gluten free pasta with cheesy stovetop tomato sauce and eggplant lasagna this week but more is coming soon!


1. resource – original recipe from HubPages: How to Make Pasta Sauce without Onions and Garlic

2. resource – original recipe from The Candid RD: Two Homemade Tomato Sauces; Garlic and Onion Free (low FODMAPs Friday!) – Gina’s Stovetop Tomato Sauce (low FODMAPs)

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