recipe: zucchini and sweet potato rolls

it’s fun when you can make something pretty with food. japanese cooking is known for this with its sushi rolls and beautiful food packages. in some way this takes on the beauty of the rolls with vegetables instead of seaweed, rice and fish. zucchini around sweet and savory vegetables. yum!


preparationzucchini and sweet potato roll

  1. slice zucchini into long thin strips. set aside.
  2. peel sweet potatoes and chop into long rectangular wedges, a little longer than the diameter of the zucchini.
  3. first grill the zucchini strips until soft and then set aside on top of a towel to pull out the moisture.
  4. do not wipe off the leftover moisture on the grill pan from the zucchini. place sweet potato on top and then grill until soft. set aside to cool.
  5. slice avocado into similar rectangular wedges of the sweet potatoes
  6. on a flat plate, lie a grilled zucchini strip down. place 3 to 5 sweet potato wedges and one avocado wedge on top of the zucchini strip. roll up, not too tight. repeat with each zucchini strip.
  7. sprinkle with cinnamon or paprika.

the original recipe called for a lot of salting to pull out the moisture of the zucchini but i didn’t want to salt the meal since i’m feeding a 1-year old. instead i just grilled the zucchini and then placed it on a clean towel. it did a great job pulling out the moisture.

as for the sweet potatoes, instead of one type of sweet potato i chose 2 different color ones to give it a little more variety. so there was some orange, yellow and green wrapped inside a zucchini strip. in addition, k hadn’t had paprika yet and since cinnamon goes so well with sweet potato, i substituted the two so it had the same color – in case i would make a version for adults and another version for baby – so they would look alike.

finally because i didn’t season the vegetables much, the roll was a little bland though it was nice and light – which is makes sense since the original recipe was meant for summer. next time, i would add a gravy others can add a little more flavoring to the roll. in this case, i would have added some juice from the roast lemon chicken.


part of Thanksgiving Meal 2014 deux


1. original recipe resource Lemon and Basil: Vegan Zucchini and Sweet Potato Rolls

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