kosher salt, sea salt, table salt

when prepping k’s school meal, i found a great simple recipe for a roast chicken that basically had 3 ingredients: chicken, salt and pepper. one of the resources i found said it is simple as long as you follow the directions to the T. most of the time, when i see a recipe that calls for kosher salt, i switch to sea salt without a thought but since salt is one of the main ingredients, i figured i should just check if there is a real reason for the distinction.

according to Serious Eats, it really does not make a difference because the main reason chefs use kosher salt is because it is coarse, uneven and easy to sprinkle with your fingers. if you substituted kosher salt for table salt, due to its fine grain, you will be over salting so you should only use half the amount of kosher salt that the recipe called for. on the other hand if you have a coarse salt, like the sell for sea salt that is not fine grain like table salt, you can substitute 1:1.

i tend to under salt in cooking and allow myself and others to add sea salt at the table if more salty flavor is needed.


resource Serious Eats: Ask The Food Lab: Do I Need To Use Kosher Salt?

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