recipe: cheesy mashed potato

usually when we usually mashed potato it’s with lots of garlic and butter – or – it’s with gravy. but since we have to skip garlic due to k’s food allergies and i hadn’t introduced k to butter yet, i opted for a simpler recipe – just adding cheese! it ended up being a favorite for not just the kids but also with the adults! yay!


  • 2 medium organic red potatoes
  • 2 slices organic cheddar cheese

preparationcheesy mashed potato

  1. chop potatoes into wedges and steam until potatoes are soft.
  2. scoop wedges into mixing bowl and add cheese.
  3. mix and mash to the consistency desired, with or without lumps!


part of Thanksgiving Meal 2014 une and Thanksgiving Meal 2014 deux

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