media: café seoul (카페 서울 / カフェ・ソウル)

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i came across this movie because i recognized both japanese actor Takumi Saito (斎藤工) and korean actor Kim Jung-hoon (김정훈). japanese food writer, Jun Isaka is visiting seoul when he is given a writing job so he looks for a topic for his article. from his wandering around the city and some personal encounters, he finds this korean confectionary shop and becomes caught up in its family drama to save the shop.

the general story is not original but it’s presentation of the art of cooking is heartfelt. the scene where the older brother is helping his younger brother create their family’s recipe shows the trials and tribulations of cooking. the quote “Eating is the art of senses” is a key theme in the movie which i won’t go into so i don’t spoil it but it reminds you that what you love most about the dish may not be its final product. finally the feeling of family is one that’s sweet and hopefully we all have some that makes us smile.

watch the korean / japanese movie: café seoul (카페 서울 / カフェ・ソウル)

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