flex for the mussels, extend for the donuts

for my friend’s birthday, she chose flex mussels to celebrate. we started with the day’s specialty with fried oysters and pork belly. yum!

then we chose the main meal: mussels! there were over 20 broths to choose from and a difficult choice it was! after much deliberation we each chose one:
funghi with wild mushrooms, double smoked bacon, garlic and cream
the mexican with chipotle adobo, chorizo and calimari
san danielle with prosciutto, caramelized onion, white wine, garlic
bruschetta with san marzano tomatoes, lobster, marinated tomato and crutons

i loved the bruschetta mussels the most. the broth flavor was perfect and the mussels and lobster was fresh, not overcooked. while the tomatoes were a little salty to eat on its own, with bread it was perfect. the mexican had a nice spicy kick to it, san danielle was garlicky and the funghi was creamy good.

in addition to the mussels, we tried the side dishes of two kinds of fries and vegetables. the flex hand-cut fries are thin and crispy to perfection. the flex truffle fries are topped with cheese and has a wonderful dipping sauce. they were so good! the seasonal flex vegetables were a choice of colored carrots, spinach, asparagus and mushrooms. they were tasty but a little too oil and salty.

while the appetizer, mussels and sides were very good, we were in for a bigger treat when it came to the dessert: the flex donut collection. out of a choice of 15 flavors, we chose 6 to share: pbj, meyer lemon, s’mores, georgia peach, strawberry shortcake and blueberry cheesecake. the donuts came with a vanilla bean dipping sauce, which wasn’t necessary but if dipped, was delicious as well!

i look forward to returning for the mussels but i may have to go back more often for the donuts. i will definitely have the meyer lemon again but i also have to try the chocolate hazelnut, fluffernutter, cinnamon sugar and chocolate flavors. i can’t wait!

eat at Flex Mussels Prince Edward Island in union square and upper east side, nyc

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