slurp up the noodles at sapporo

sometimes you’re just in the mood for a big bowl of ramen and that’s what you’ll get at Sapporo. all of the ramen noodles are in chicken and vegetable stock soup. we tried 4 different ramen bowls:

  • Sapporo Special: noodles in miso flavored soup with extra portion of sliced pork, mined pork, fishcake, bean sprout corn, scallions and spinach
  • Miso Ramen: noodles in soybean flavored soup with sliced pork, minced pork, fishcake, been sprout, corn and scallions
  • Mabo Ramen: spicy miso chili sauce with tofu beancurd and minced pork
  • Tan-Tan Men: noodles in sesame flavored soup with minced pork, spinach, scallion and pickles

the ramen is cooked to the perfect texture and the soup marinates the noodles well. you can’t help but slurp up all of the noodles. you probably won’t be able to drink all of the soup so bring it home and throw in some more noodles! whenever you’re in the mood, enjoy a big bowl of noodles at sapporo.

eat at Sapporo in times square, ny

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