absorb the radiance

after dinner we came to Radiance Tea House & Books for dessert. we tried:

  • Assorted Mochi Platter with 6 pieces of mochi: red bean, green tea, peanut, sesame, taro and mango mochi served with a tasting cup of dessert coffee drink
  • Green Tea Scone with homemade green tea scone with whipped cream and homemade strawberry glaze
  • Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich with choice of cookie and and ice cream flavors

the mochi was quite tender and delicious but the inside of mango and green tea mochi was flavored jelly, perhaps Americanized for non Asian customers. the ice cream sandwich was ok – i originally wanted the earl grey ice cream and cookie but they didn’t have it. so i opted for the green tea ice cream and cookie. they were good but not the best i’ve had.

our all-around favorite was the green tea scone. the flavor and texture was amazing, and the glaze and whipped cream were great additions.

we also had the day’s special: baked red bean cake. for $6, there was 2 teeny tiny red bean cakes. inside the cakes there was only a little dollop of red bean paste.

if you want quantity or authentic asian quality, this restaurant is not the place for you.

instead, it is a nice place to relax and soak up the ambiance and collections of this beautiful restaurant. Radiance has beautiful decorative displays of tea pot and cup sets. you can also buy a variety of flavors of teas leaves to go. there’s also a small collection of books about asian culture.

have a snack at Radiance Tea House & Books in midtown west, ny


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