take a morning ride to jack the horse tavern

for a nice brunch in the brooklyn heights neighborhood, stop by Jack the Horse Tavern. from eggs, to burgers, to pancakes, to sandwiches, they have all the brunch staples – but done well!

i had the scone plate & jams, which included 5 scones of various flavors including vanilla, chocolate chip and strawberry. there was also 2 kinds of jam: grape and marmalade. it was SO GOOD! i thoroughly enjoyed it.

my party had the duck confit and the fried oyster florentine. the duck confit had pieces of duck with potatoes and sweet potatoes. yum! the fried oyster was large, over an english muffin, then topped with an egg and sauce.

in addition, we ordered 2 sides: red bliss potatoes and spiced pork sausage patties. the red bliss potatoes were out of this world – flavored and fried to perfection. the pork patties were plump and looked good. unfortunately it was undercooked. they tried to make it again but each time it was undercooked. after two tries, we asked them to take it off our check, which they promptly did.

except for the pork patties, everything else was great. we enjoyed our meals and all of the plates were licked clean! we’ll definitely be back to try their lunch and dinner menus, as well as for another weekend brunch!

eat at Jack the Horse Tavern in brooklyn heights, ny

*see my post on Jack the Horse Tavern – dinner


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