no language necessary at broken english


we were in cobble hill so m & i decided to try a nice looking restaurant called Broken English. specializing in seafood, we ordered the day’s specials: rissotto with squid ink with scallops, calamari, cherry tomato and shitaki mushroom and soft shell crab with yellow carrots, sauteed spinach with white wine caper sauce.

they were both delicious! there was an abundance of seafood in the rissotto and as long as you don’t mind your mouth turning black, the flavor of the squid ink rissotto was awesome. then the soft shell crab, which is currently in season, with the caper sauce was spectacular and married well with the spinach and carrots.

even though we were quite full, we did try the il fondente, which was dark chocolate and hazelnut fondant with vanilla ice cream. rich chocolate oozing out of the center of the cake. it was out of this world. if you’re in the hood, give this place a try!

eat at Broken English in cobble hill in cobble hill, ny


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