momofuku milk bar

i have been a big fan of the momofuku restaurants so i was looking forward to trying momofuku milk bar! milk bar have both sweet and savory baked goods. unfortunately our first experience at milk bar was good and bad.

m & i only had savory goods in this trip. we tried:

  • bagel bomb: GOOD we had the bagel bomb with scallion and bacon cream cheese in the middle. it was fun to bite into the bagel and the cream cheese center in the center was warm. i would definitely get this again.
  • pork bun: BAD! the pork bun was topped with pickled cucumbers which made the presentation beautiful. unfortunately it didn’t taste as good as it looked. part of the problem was that they microwaved it “to steam it” before they served it. this only changed the texture of the bread and made it a little hard. in addition there is too much pork and it is a bit too salty. overall the bun was disappointing. even frozen pork buns purchased at asian stores reheated at home taste better. m also felt the same way.

i still have hopes for this place because i haven’t had the sweet goods yet and they look really good! i’m looking forward to it!

buy baked goods at Momofuku Milk Bar in various locations in ny


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