you need 5 napkins to eat this burger

there are many restaurants i have to go on my “i will eat” list. one of them is Nice Matin in the upper west side in new york city. even though i haven’t made it there yet, i went to the “offspring” of the restaurant: the 5 Napkin Burger, named after Nice Matin’s most popular dish.

what can i say, this place is burger heaven: a variety of 10-ounce custom ground beef. between the 6 of us, we ordered the 5 napkin burger, the bacon-cheddar burger, the cheeseburger and the lamb burger. burgers were cooked to order and flavorful.

each burger came with a side so we ordered and shared the sweet potato fries, homemade onion rings, tater tots, tuscan fries (with parm and herbs), and tomato, avocado & cojita salad. they were all good! the surprise hit was the pickles that we asked for because it didn’t come with the burger. we got sliced cucs pickled in a unique sweet mustard flavor – it was so good!

but we didn’t stop there – we also dove into the dessert! but we were good, we shared 3 desserts among the 6 of us, trying the cheese cake, apple pie and sundae. needless to say, our spoons were licked clean. it was decadence heaven and when you let yourself be bad once in a while, it might as well be that good!

one day i’ll make it to Nice Matin and if i happen to be craving a burger that day, i know there is one sure dish i can definitely order. can’t wait!

eat at the 5 Napkin Burger in new york and other east coast locations
– or –
go to the original home of the 5 napkin burger, Nice Matin, in the upper west side, ny


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