broadway shake at tom’s diner

“da da da-ta, da da da-ta, da da da-ta da-ta da-ta …
I am sitting, In the morning, At the diner, On the corner …”
before Suzanne Vega’s hit song in the early 80s and the Seinfeld sitcom in the late 80s thru late 90s, lived a diner on a corner in the upper west side named Tom’s Restaurant. around since the 1940s, it is a popular place for hungry Columbia University students to eat and hang out – as well as – devoted fans and tourists to visit.

i’ve had many meals there with some favorites including the cheese fries with gravy and chicken gyro – but the most important thing you have to have there is their shake! now, it’s a huge shake because you get not only the shake in a glass but you also get the remaining in the metal cup.

if you’re in the know, their secret flavor is the broadway shake (or broadway ice cream soda, if you prefer) because it’s not on the menu. it has chocolate syrup and coffee ice cream. and it is THE BEST!

eat at Tom’s Restaurant in upper west side, ny

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