healthiest cheeses

cheese can be both delicious and a great source of lean protein, calcium, phosphorus, and other health benefits. these are the five healthiest cheeses:

  1. Feta
    Feta is lower in fat and calories than most cheeses. Be sure to buy pasteurized feta as unpasteurized feta and other soft cheeses have a higher risk of containing the Listeria bacteria.
  2. String Cheese
    String cheese made of part-skim mozzarella, it’s low in calories and high in protein. String cheese isn’t actually a processed cheese — mozzarella naturally behaves in that stringy way, so it counts as a whole food. (Just make sure to buy string cheese that’s 100 percent mozzarella.
  3. Parmesan
    Parmigiano-Reggiano is relatively low in calories but it is high in sodium so be sure to use it in moderation.
  4. Swiss
    As a hard cheese, Swiss is richer in phosphorus than nearly all soft cheeses.
  5. Cottage Cheese
    It’s high in protein, low in fat if you buy a low-fat variety. Cottage cheese can have a lot of sodium so be sure to check the nutrition label on the container before buying it.

read article on Yahoo! Shine by Megan Kempston for The 5 Healthiest Cheeses


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