phenomenal lump crab cakes at faidley seafood

on a quick trip to baltimore to see a show at the hippodrome, i looked for a place nearby for lunch. the perfect place was just a few blocks away: faidley’s seafood in the lexington market.

faidley’s seafood is a wondeful market to purchase all kinds of seafood – from crabs, lobster, mussels, etc. but in addition to buying seafood, you can eat there! a raw bar where regulars eat and chat with the two guys who shuck the oysters or serve the clams. but what i went for were the lump crab cakes.

they were practically all crab with huge lumps seasoned with an amazing flavor and they were – no joke – the size of my fist! it was phe-NOM-NOM-NOM-enal! trust me, if you like crab cake, make a trip here!

eat at Faidley Seafood in baltimore, md

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