living it up at pies ‘n’ thighs

m found this restaurant a while ago so when we finally planned a 2-part night with friends in billyburg, it was dinner at pies ‘n’ thighs, then games at barcade! what can i say about pies ‘n’ thighs but this: put your regular healthy diet to the side for the night and thoroughly dig into this decadent meal.

while you can get other dishes, we all got a chicken box which comes with 3 pieces of chicken, biscuit or cornbread, and a side. let me begin with the sides. my favorites were the crazy mac and cheese with a squirt of hot sauce, french fries with chili and cheese, and the shredded brussels sprouts with bacon and sweetened pecan salad – all decadent and all crazy good. then there was the biscuit – HUGE biscuit, flakey, crispy, buttery goodness. finally, last but not least, the chicken. daaaaannnng. super crispy skin and tender tender tender meat. this was definitely a favor licking meal!

now, i am only able to review one part of the restaurant’s claim to fame bcuz we only made it through the savory part of the meal. we just could not fit any more food into our satiated bellies – even thought the apple pie was beckoning me to “eat me first” during dinner and friends were thinking about the bourbon pecan pie. it’s all good bcuz we will just have to go back and i can’t wait!

eat at Pies ‘n’ Thighs in williamsburg, ny


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