cooking tips & healthy substitutions

sometimes it isn’t how rich the ingredients you use to make a dish taste great – it’s knowing how and what to include. here are some low fat cooking tips:

  1. You shouldn’t need cream in a properly made risotto
    All you need is patience and the right rice
  2. Use carrot juice in salad dressings
    For low-fat salad dressings with tons of flavor, replace one-fourth of the oil with carrot juice.
  3. Bananas are the secret to complex-tasting muffins
    Replace the butter in your favorite recipe with a mixture of mashed bananas and vegetable oil.
  4. Use peas in guacamole
    To make low-fat guacamole, puree peas and use them to replace some or all of the avocados in your favorite guacamole recipe.
  5. Use yogurt for tender low-fat muffins
    Replace half of the liquid in the batter with yogurt. The acidity of yogurt helps to enhance tenderness in the absence of fat.
  6. Use mustard instead of egg to bread
    Many chefs, when preparing lower-cholesterol breaded cutlets, replace egg with mustard, since bread crumbs adhere to mustard even better than they do to beaten egg. Plus, mustard’s fat and cholesterol counts are virtually nil.

read article on Yahoo! Shine from Reader’s Digest Magazine: 6 Low-Fat Cooking Tips You Haven’t Heard Before

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