brunch at bar boulud

before a matinée show at lincoln center, m & i had brunch at bar boulud, one of daniel boulud’s restaurants in new york city. yum! i had the boudin blanc truffled white sausage over mashed potato, pork jus while m had the omelette aux pommes risolées fine herbs.

the sausage had quite an unique texture, like tofu. it also had a lovely flavor and was perfect with the mashed potato and the two slices of roasted pear. m enjoyed the omelette with herbs and the potatoes were perfect. in addition to our dishes, m read about a cured ham from spain that is not always at bar boulud but a specialty at the restaurant. it was so soft and silky – pretty amazing!

the restaurant is uniquely designed, with a created arched ceiling in the long narrow space and a gravel wall. the lower level is a wine cellar, displaying it’s impressive collection. bar boulud certainly was a lovely place to enjoy your sunday morning.

eat at bar boulud in lincoln center, ny


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