school lunches reforms

with work from a lot of great movements from first lady michelle obama, jamie oliver and chefs, there’s a change in the school lunches: whole milk just got expelled from school and white bread is up for suspension.

this Wednesday, the healthy school lunch movement earned a $3.2 billion dollar raise, and with it a new set of mandates for cafeterias nationwide. the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced a federally funded, five-year plan to improve cafeteria food and reduce childhood obesity.

the new guidelines, impacting about 32 American million kids, will guarantee more fruits, veggies and whole grains on the lunch table. full-fat milk is off the menu, meaning kids will choose from low-fat or fat-free. Schools are also responsible for proper portion sizes. and vending machines on school property will be getting a revamp with healthier options too.

over the next three years, schools across the country – from Kindergarten through twelfth grade – will be required to implement these changes.

with the announcement, the USDA released sample “before and after” menu for the average elementary school to reflect the improvements the budgetary boost and guidelines will make. Fried mozzarella and marinara sticks are swapped out for a chef’s salad. pizzas get a whole wheat crust. condiments are reduced in fat. and even canned fruit is out in, in favor of raw, fresher options.

with a 17 percent obesity rate for U.S. kids under 18, diabetes and heart problems threatens the livelihood of an enitre generation. while a recent study pegs the bulk of childhood diet problems on parents. but it hasn’t helped that educational outposts sanction the same food that’s making kids sick. at six cents a meal, the government will be forking over a major chunk of change so their improvements can be part of the solution.

read article by Piper Weiss for Yahoo! Shine – Healthy Living: USDA Bans Whole Milk in Schools. Rolls Out Major School Lunch Reforms.

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