sanitary shopping

from the grocery cart to the melons in the produce aisle, grocery shopping can be a breeding ground for germs. here are several precautions you can take – both at the grocery store and at home – to help keep you and your family safe.

  1. Sanitize your shopping cart
    Indirect contact with sick people – such as touching the same cart someone with a cold used earlier – is an easy way to get sick.
  2. Wash your reusable bags
  3. Skip the free samples– watch out when:
    • The food looks old
    • There’s no staff person
    • Poor food preparation
    • You haven’t washed your hands
  4. Select produce carefully
    Fresh produce can be covered with germs when people touch and squeeze the product. Look out for cotton-like substance and fuzz. Bruises and tears can be entryways for bacteria. Remember to wash your produce under free-flowing water before eating it – even if it says it’s prewashed.
  5. Watch where you place your groceries – and your kids
    Don’t put perishables in the seat compartment because children often sit there, making the area a breeding ground for germs
  6. Check the dates, especially meat and dairy – check its expiration date to make sure the product is still safe to consume. According to the FDA, the “sell-by” date tells the store how long to display a product, the “best if used by” date tells the consumer when the flavor is best, and the “use-by” date is the last date recommended to use the product while it’s at peak quality.
  7. Select prepared foods carefully. If you’re purchasing cold food, such as chopped melon or prepackaged lettuce, it should be maintained at 41 or degrees or below.
  8. Cover all your food. Place all your produce and raw foods in bags – if you want to go green, pick up some reusable produce bags – because checkout counters’ conveyor belts are covered in germs.

read article on Yahoo! Shine by Laura Moss for Mother Nature Network: 8 Ways to Make Grocery Shopping More Sanitary

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