healthy food blogs

found this list of healthy blogs and taking a quick brows, they are really impressive. i can’t wait to learn more from them!

  1. 101 Cookbooks. This is the blog that always comes up first when people talk about healthy eating blogs. Half of the appeal is the gorgeous photos! But along with healthy recipes the blog also has a page on building a “natural foods pantry.”
  2. My Life Runs on Food. Sanura Williams’ blog is another a treasure trove of inspiring food photos with quick, healthy recipes. Her blackeye pea and pearl barley salad is a totally unexpected take on the New Year’s traditional staple.
  3. Marcus Samuelsson. Not all of the recipes on the celebrity chef’s blog are his own, but they’re all consistently loaded with fresh, scrumptious-looking veggies. Right now the blog has a few posts up on healthy New Year’s resolutions.
  4. Seriously Soupy. What do we feel like eating in the winter? Chocolate pudding. Macaroni & cheese. Soup! That’s right, a blog dedicated just to soup recipes — all from scratch using loads of good-for-you ingredients.
  5. Kath Eats Real Food. This one comes up a lot — a healthy food blog written by a dietitian. No weird, expensive diet foods from a box. Just whole-foods cooking.
  6. Skinnytaste. Crock-Pot chicken enchilada soup, Thai coconut curry shrimp, pasta and broccoli — no suffering for health here. And the writer is a mom, so she knows all about making veggies taste good for the little people.
  7. The Picky Eater. A healthy food blog for “normal people” has a recipe page that makes it easy for you to find dinner inspiration.
  8. Cheap, Healthy, Good. I’ve read a lot of recommendations for this blog. At the end of her posts, she calculates the calories and the cost of the recipe.
  9. Gojee. This isn’t exactly a “healthy food” blog, but you can use it that way. Plug in an ingredient — say, Swiss chard or beets — and Gojee will search for recipes with that ingredient from its database of pre-selected (for deliciousness) blogs. The more you use Gojee, the better Gojee gets to know you and your tastes, which means you’ll get more and more search results that cater to your tastes.
  10. Clean Eating Magazine. This isn’t exactly a blog, either, but the magazine’s website is loaded with healthy recipes. You can even look them up by category — 20 minutes or less, budget, dinner tonight.

read article on Yahoo! Shine from The Stir: 10 Healthy Food Blogs that Will Make Keeping Your Resolutions Easy

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