experience david burke kitchen

after a great meal at Fishtail by David Burke, i was looking forward to trying other restaurants by David Burke. so m & i had dinner at David Burke Kitchen in soho.

i had the main dish: short rib and cavatelli with wild mushrooms/truffle cream while m ordered a few small dishes: a snack: maple bacon/dates/peanut butter; a starter: ants on a log with bone marrow/snails/parsley/garlic; and a side: smoked beef fat & jalapeno french fries.

the combination of the mushrooms, pasta and short rib worked very well. there was a lot of meat and it was a bit rich so i only had a third of the dish but that was fine because i got to try the dishes m ordered. m enjoyed the bone marrow smeared on top of the toasted bread immensely. the fries wasn’t as greasy or spicy as it sounds so it was the awesome flavoring married with the perfect crunch.

the most unique dish was the maple bacon/dates/peanut butter – each skewer had a date wrapped with peanut butter and bacon and a grape  coated and deep fried. i would never have imagined the combination of flavors!

finally, we had to try dessert. while there were so many desserts that looked tempting, or waiter recommended the special, which was a sundae, which was layers of brownie, vanilla ice cream, fudge, hazelnut and whipped cream. i also think there were some rice pearls and toffee – much similar to david burke’s infamous can’o’cake. it was so decadent and awesome! we couldn’t help finishing all of it. yum!
eat at David Burke Kitchen in soho, ny

* enjoy seafood and dessert at Fishtail by David Burke


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