snack attack: pretzel crisps

when i go grocery shopping, every now and then i see a product that i hadn’t tried before that looks to good to resist – this time it is Pretzel Crisps – the marriage of pretzel and cracker. LOVE IT!

probably what caught my eye that started my latest obsession was the flavor of the first bag i saw: garlic parmesan … ooooooh! i was so excited BUT what may take away from the great flavor is the salt content — not just the amount but it just tasted too salty, so much so that i had to brush off some of the flavoring so i can “enjoy” the snack. there are many flavors so i made sure to check the salt content. all the cheese flavors have a lot of salt.

so i tried the other flavors – savory: original, everything, buffalo wings – and – sweet: cinnamon toast. my favorite savory flavor is everything and my favorite of all the flavors i tried is cinnamon toast. it is still an awesome snack. they also come in resealable baggies to make sure it stays crisp. YUM! serve them at your next party (but remember to watch out on the salt content in some of the flavors!)

learn more about Pretzel Crisps and buy it at your local food market

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