lychee syrup jelly

you know those little lychee jelly cups you find in chinatown – the ones you have to be careful when you open bcuz juice will come squirting out and you don’t want to waste any of that flavor? i love love love them!

but in absence of them, what can i do? then i thought, why not try making them myself? well, i tried two recipes – one with lychee puree and one with canned lychee syrup. in this trial, the canned lychee syrup jelly won out … maybe bcuz i tried the lychee puree jelly with canned lychees, not fresh lychees so i’ll have to try it again!

in the meantime, i’ll share with you the lychee syrup jelly which was jelly fun!


  • 2 cans lychees in heavy syrup
  • 2 packets (approximately 2 teaspoons each) unflavored gelatin powder


In a large bowl, separate the lychees from the syrup by emptying the two cans of lychees through a strainer. Keep the syrup in the large bowl and setting aside the lychees in a separate bowl.

From the bowl of syrup, remove 3 cups of syrup into a small pot and heat until boiling. Keep 1 more cup of syrup (cold or room temperature) and save the remaining syrup in a storage container other use.

Pour back the 1 cup of syrup into the large bowl. Sprinkle 3 packets of unflavored gelatin powder over the syrup. Leave for 1 minute. Add boiled syrup juice into the large bowl and stir.

Pour lychee syrup jelly liquid into 6 small cups. Add 2-3 lychees in each cup. Refrigerate for 3 hours or until set. Serve and enjoy!

original recipe from Knox Unflavored Gelatin packets


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