worst foods for trans fat

we know trans fats is bad for you because it raise your bad cholesterol just like saturated fats, but they also increase inflammation and lower the good cholesterol that protects us against heart disease. while many food manufacturers and fast-food chains have removed or reduced trans fat, it still lurks in many foods— — here are 22 to watch.

  1. French fries
  2. Anything fried or battered
  3. Pie and piecrust
  4. Margarine sticks
  5. Shortening
  6. Cake mixes and frostings
  7. Pancakes and waffles
  8. Fried chicken
  9. Ice cream
  10. Nondairy creamers
  11. Microwave popcorn
  12. Ground beef
  13. Cookies
  14. Biscuits and sweet rolls
  15. Breakfast sandwiches
  16. Frozen or creamy beverages
  17. Meat sticks
  18. Crackers
  19. Frozen dinners
  20. Asian crunchy noodles
  21. Canned chili
  22. Packaged pudding

read article on MSN Health by Amanda MacMillan for Health: 22 Worst Foods for Trans Fat


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