winter foods

the writers of the all-new Eat This, Not That! Supermarket Survival Guide provided six everyday foods that will keep you healthy and strong from December to March and beyond.

1: Oatmeal
What it does: Helps you avoid the winter blues
Other mood-improving foods: Whole wheat bread, brown rice, whole grain cereals, fruit

2: Walnuts
What it does: Keeps your skin from drying out
Other skin-saving foods: Salmon, flaxseed, olive oil, tuna

3: Garlic
What it does: Wards off cold and flu viruses (and vampires)
Other virus-blasting foods: Carrots, yogurt, oysters. For more protection against seasonal sickness,

4: Winter squash
What it does: Prevents weight gain
Other weight-loss foods: Artichokes, raspberries, whole grains, legumes

5: Chicken Sandwich
What it does: Keeps your energy up
Other energy-boosting foods: Peanut butter sandwich on whole grain bread, Greek yogurt with fruit, whole grain crackers with low-fat cheese.

6: Chicken Soup
What it does: Helps you breathe easy
Other sinus-clearing foods: Tea, coffee, any broth-based soup.

read article on Yahoo! Health by David Zinczenko with Matt Goulding from Men’s Health: The 6 Best Foods for Winter


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