nyc recycling champions

as we are approaching the end of the year, i’ve been bombarded with e-mails about who to donate to. so let me throw my two cents in about a program i’m excited about: a food project in NYC by GrowNYC: NYC Recycling Champions.

the goal is to develop a great school recycling program in each borough in nyc. a coordinator will work with faculty and administration to create outreach programs for students. then engage students in various learning programs and activities. the way this project and donation would work is if they make their goal of $10,000 and the pledge window ends sunday, december 11 at 10:14am est.

GrowNYC also created the compost program with my local greenmarket which i love so i’m excited to support other programs they do! so, if you have a little to share, consider this project. i hope they will reach their goal!

learn more about NYC Recycling Champions and if you’d like what you read, make a donation!

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