productive habits

from prioritizing your workload to learning which projects don’t need to be perfect, read on to discover eight workplace habits that’ll boost your productivity and lower your stress levels:

  1. They make it a point to take breaks.
    Taking breaks is like hitting the reset button. It helps you empty out your “brain cache’ so you have room to refill it.
  2. They start their day off on the right foot.
    Create a ritual. Maybe it’s meeting in the coffee break room or going around the office to greet everyone.
  3. They make mindful food choices.
    You are what you eat. The key is keeping your blood sugar levels steady throughout the day so it is recommended to have three light meals and two snacks at regular intervals. When you hit that midday slump, proteins like mixed nuts and fruit.
  4. They keep a flexible to-do list.
    Making a daily list of to-dos is a great way to stay on top of your work but it can make you inflexible. It’s important to keep some form of a to-do list but continually update it.
  5. They use technology with intent.
    While it’s impossible to avoid it altogether, you can be disciplined about how much time you spend perusing the Web. Set aside a specific time to scroll through your social networking sites or other favorite websites – and stick to it. In addition to surfing the Internet, it’s important to watch your email habits.
  6. They balance their workload.
    Identify and place the tasks you have into two categories: weeds and intensive work. Weeds are small, manageable things such as handling email, phone calls and minor organizational tasks. Intensive work is anything that requires an extended period of concentration, such as management tasks, preparing presentations, writing or editing. Split up long sessions of intensive work with regular 15- to 30-minute intervals of weed pulling. This way, you’ll accomplish a variety of tasks while not burning out on one type of work.
  7. They put perfectionism in its place.
    It’s important to pick your battles. Of course you want to put your best foot forward in all situations, but if you’re strapped for time, prioritize. When writing an informal memo or email to a co-worker, give it a quick look and spell-check it. But when you’re creating a brochure for your company or preparing an important presentation, then that’s the time to put all of your perfectionist tendencies to good use.
  8. They know how to say “no.”
    For starters, say “no” to whiners, complainers and distracting people. One way to do that is by wearing headphones. That sends the message that you’re busy and it drowns out the noise as well. When it comes time to say “no” to the boss, tread lightly but firmly. Ask her to prioritize what’s most important given what’s on your plate.

read article on Yahoo! Shine by Alexandra Gekas from Woman’s Day: 8 Habits of Highly Productive People

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