5 hoots for the little owl

the first time i heard of the little owl was when i saw the movie No Reservations with Catherine Zeta-Jones, Aaron Eckhart and Abigail Breslin as a restaurant in the movie. after reading about the restaurant, i’ve been looking forward to eating there!

m & i tried their speciality gravy meatball slider for our appetizer. the meatballs are made with beef, pork, veal and pecorino and sandwiched in between a cheese bun. it lives up to all the raving reviews i read about it – it is SO GOOD! for our main dish, m had the halibut with chive mashed potatoes and lemon creme fraiche. i had some and it was very good. i had the infamous pork chop with parmesan butter beans and wild dandelion. it melted in my mouth. the pork chop was huge so i had to take half of it home but all the way home, i couldn’t wait to finish it! as full as i was, i had to try the chocolate souffle cake with whipped cream and coffee gelato. it was good to the last lick!

it can be pretty hard to get a reservation at the little owl but it is so worth it the wait! the restaurant is small and it may be tight quarters to move around the restaurant but the food makes up for it all. when you receive the bill, it comes in a small drawing book where you can shared your thoughts – some wrote a comment while others drew a picture. it was fun to flip through it. i can’t wait to go back again!

eat at The Little Owl in the west village, nyc


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